Technical Writing Order Confirmation

Thank you for your Quick Order Discount Service of a technical writing service. Ron Gavalik and Pittsburgh Writer partners will strive to ensure the success of your project.

Before we can get started, we need a few items from you. Please send an email message to: and include the following:
  • Create and send a simple outline of your project. Please include heading topics and bullet points of the items you wish to have documented.
  • Attach photos and/or graphics of your project that can be used inside the document or simply as a writing reference.
  • Provide your complete contact information: Name, email, company, phone number, and organization address.
  • Please include the person who referred you to Pittsburgh Writer. We use a Referral Rewards Program. Provide us their name, email, or social media profile, so we can identify the referral.

Note: If our partners can't easily understand the needs of your project or regularly contact you, the document suffers. Please send descriptive materials and allow us to contact you for Subject Matter Expert (SME) interview questions.

Once you forward your project materials, Pittsburgh Writer will begin the evaluation process be in touch within a 2-3 days to ensure we're on the right track. If you have immediate questions, please email or call Ron Gavalik at: 412-607-4592.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

You may contact Pittsburgh Writer to cancel your order for a 100% refund at any time before a partner begins your project. It's advised that you do not send the requested materials until you're committed to the project. Pittsburgh Writer reserves the right to retain all fees once work has commenced.