In a world where more food is engineered and chemically altered, it's absolutely vital to ensure a healthy lifestyle for one's family. Each title is recommended on the merits of originality, proven success, and industry expertise.
The Paleo Recipe Book is a complete guide to eating the best foods to keep people healthy and energized. This well-written book has earned the loyalty of people who've achieved better health through what's considerd to be the world's most comprehensive collection of recipes for complete wellness.
Metabolic Cooking is a system of proven recipes that raise metabolism and burn fat. The materials were produced by the highly recommended chef, Karine Losier and has helped thousands of people conquer their dieting choices through healthy eating choices. Recommended here for the system's direct approach to the modern eating lifestyle.
Eat STOP Eat is a somewhat controversial system of eating and short-term fasting for proven weight loss. Several successful endorsements from formerly overweight people have earned this book's recommendation here. Well-written and easy-to-follow, this is the expanded edition that has already helped so many people who suffer from overweight, limited lifestyles.
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