The choice to become physically empowered is an exciting moment in one's life. Each recommended title is evaluated on the merits of originality, proven success, and industry expertise.
Eat STOP Eat is a somewhat controversial system of eating and short-term fasting for proven weight loss. Several successful endorsements from formerly overweight people have earned this book's recommendation here. Well-written and easy-to-follow, this is the expanded edition that has already helped so many people who suffer from overweight, limited lifestyles.
Superhero Sprints is a step-by-step guide and video library that's recommended for it's proven delivery of ultimate physical performance for mud runs, spartan runs, and tough mudders. Multiple endorsements confirm the six-week program performs leaps and bounds over the competition.
Panic Away is billed as 'America's best anxiety program'. It takes courage to battle one's anxiety issues, but this book is recommended here for eliminating the debilitating scscourge of severe panic attacks and anxiety.
Visual Impact for Men and Women is a tested program to 'shrink wrap' one's body for lean muscle mass. The program has received several endorsements from fitness professionals and centers around two types of muscle growth: Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar Hypertrophy.
Acne No More is a complete manual of how to holistically eliminate the burden of acne from one's life. The book has a high success rate, regardless of mainstream retail outlets not stocking such titles that deal with nontraditional means of healthy living.
Manifestation Miracle is a spiritual journey that allows people to tap into the 'universal success formula of abundance' to enhance the quality of life while simultaneously eliminating stress and personal failure.
Critical Bench 2.0 is the second release of this highly successful program that's becoming every gym enthusiasts companion. The program has received endorsements from noted weightlifters and comes with several extras that include: training logs, videos, and nutrition guides.
Street Fight Academy is a highly taboo and intense instruction book for total domination of one's opponent that is not sold in stores. Well-written by a self-defense expert, the techniques here are revolutionary, which earns this recommendation.
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