Future Nostalgia
by Ron Gavalik on March 4th, 2016

It is Friday, March 4, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. As I sit here in my cold office at the gig, I couldn't help but feel a rush of something psychologists refer to as future nostalgia. Yes, I know future nostalgia reads as peculiar. It is the sensation of confidence laced with righteousness. It is the knowledge of a forthcoming truth. It is to postulate the times to come will have an optimistic lining, despite climate problems.

Future nostalgia is to understand good people will have more books to read and more quality time to read them. Children will feel a greater sense of purpose. Workers will find more value in their struggle. Parents will be more likely to hug. Fruits and nuts will grow more abundantly in food forests. Fashions will be more fun, sewn by respected hands. Pleasant moods and belly laughs will be the norm. History books will include creationism as a footnote of darker times. The humanities will unlock parts of the imagination we never deemed possible. Electric bicycles will be common, operated on solar cells. Love will be shared more easily. Hatred given no quarter. It will happen, all of this, guaranteed.

Future nostalgia is why I can say, twenty-five years from now, when I am an older man, the murdering corporatists will be beaten, shamed back into their caves of gluttonous hatred. I will then drive to Vermont. I will sit on a park bench near Lake Champlain in Burlington. As I gaze out over the water, I will whisper the words, 'Thank you.'

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