Enough Debate: It's Time to Unite!
by Ron Gavalik on February 12th, 2016

That's it. Over the course of the past nine months, progressives have debated war and peace, healthcare, prison reform, police reform, and multiple other issues. We've fought hard. Hillary's supporters and Bernie's supporters have done their digging. We've all had our say. In that time, one thing has become abundantly clear: Bernie Sanders has proven himself.

I know for some of you this may be difficult to accept. Clinton is the first serious female candidate in any U.S. political party for the presidency. I get it. We all eventually want this. But Clinton is simply not the right candidate for this time in our society. This is a time where police departments must be trained to restrict lethal force, as presented in Erica Garner's video (above). This is a time where Wall Street needs to be reigned in after their fraudulent actions impoverished entire segments of the population. This is a time where we need seemingly endless wars to end. Clinton, by all possible measurements, is simply not the leader for our time.

But I know someone who is ready, and his name is Bernie Sanders.

We are locked in a real struggle to ensure justice. Our weapons are intellect, truth, and compassion. It's time, brothers and sisters. It's time for us to stand up for the downtrodden. It's time for us to look out for our neighbors. After all, if regular people don't take care of each other, no one else will.

It's time for progressives to unite.
Let's make it happen!
We can do this.

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