Don't Know Me
by Ron Gavalik on January 26th, 2016

You don't know me.
I’m warning you now,
don't even consider knowing me
or pretend to know me.
I've beaten lesser men
and poisoned the hearts
of lesser women
for trying to know me.

I am aggressively alone
in distant observation,
away from unpredictable friends
who often transform into
entirely predictable enemies.

Alone is my simple form of silent tranquility
with my thoughts and my words
and my unfulfilled dreams.

Alone is the dark silhouette
of a single Canadian goose
that stands majestically
on the shore of the summer river
below the orange city skyline at dusk.

Alone is the smell
of your old leather jacket
and a soft kiss
that partially wakes me
before you leave
in the early morning
to never return.

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