Hillary for Women?
by Ron Gavalik on October 27th, 2015

In this 2016 campaign season, the Hillary Clinton campaign has determined the path to victory is through the women's vote. To most people, this information isn't news. To others, it isn't surprising. Clinton's positions on war and business-friendly legislation have frightened away a little less than half of the Democratic voting base and most of the general electorate.

Clinton's favorable/unfavorable ratings have almost always weighed negative. The top marketing professionals who worked for her campaign in 2008 and the communicators who work for her in the current cycle know she must drive up voter turnout with women in each primary state if she has any chance at the nomination.

With that said, how does a candidate secure the votes from mass numbers of women while running against one of the most progressive male feminist leaders in the nation? Lie and portray him as a sexist, of course.


Let's be honest. Few voters pay attention to American politics beyond the snippets caught on cable news or in social media feeds. No one other than political junkies reads The Nation, The New York Times, or Politico. Few people study poll results on Real Clear Politics or even know how to track campaign financing on Open Secrets. Pop culture media is why everyone knows who's running for president and each candidate's personal vices, but no one can name a single piece of federal legislation in the past five years.

Do you even know the name of your House representative in the Congress, your state assembly representative, or any members of your municipal council? If the answer is no, don't feel guilty. Most people have better things to do, you know, like blindly hand power over to the 15 largest banks, weapons manufacturers, and their purchased politicians.

So, when Bernie Sanders tells people we need to stop "shouting at each other" about guns and instead work together to get hold of violence in our culture, few people know he means to convince the gun nuts who carry assault rifles in Walmart to engage in a discussion to stop kids from getting shot on a weekly basis.

The lack of public engagement is also why Clinton can twist his words on "shouting" into a lie about sexism that snagged her campaign a few selfish headlines. Sadly, Clinton is using women who need to spend their time working rather than following campaign news to score some cheap political points.

Meanwhile, Bernie's attempt to engage regular people in a debate about violence in our culture is destroyed. The kids murdered on a weekly basis? Well, I suppose Clinton's staff believes that's sad, but the campaign always comes first!

Clinton and Feminism

To truly answer whether or not Clinton is a feminist or if she puts women's issues front and center in her political agenda really comes down to one's personal definition of feminism.

I consider myself a feminist because I believe in the American ideal that everyone is equal under the law. Bernie Sanders is a feminist because he has spent 50+ years fighting for women and minorities in the workplace, in universities, in marriage law, and in just about every aspect of society. The Vermont Senator has an unimpeachable record on women's issues. He just so happens to be a white man.

When we compare and contrast Clinton with Sanders, it becomes apparent that Clinton is superficial on women's issues at best. How did I draw that conclusion, you might ask?

Here's one example:

A friend of mine works for a credit counseling center for people who are upside down with credit cards, mortgages, car loans, and other credit products. Most of these consumers (victims of banks) are low-income women, mothers, students. In 2001 as Senator, Clinton forced a top credit card rate of 30% in a bankruptcy bill, stopping fellow Democrats (and feminists) from lowering interest to a maximum rate of 15%.

(Watch the video of Elizabeth Warren to learn more.)
When Clinton did the bidding of the banks, she screwed over every working woman in this nation. Sure, maybe if you're a white privileged woman with a ton of money this means little, but that's a rather small demographic.

I've met some women who fell victim to these Wall Street tycoons. Do you know what poor women do when they are economically crippled and their kids go without proper food or housing? It's not pretty how depravity can be justified as a means to an end when it comes to feeding one's children. It's not pretty at all.

When Clinton accepted campaign money from Koch Industries, Goldman Sachs, and so many other conservative businessmen while in the Senate and during her presidential campaigns, she signaled to the nation one truth: her first priority is to stand with banks, and NOT women.

When Clinton war hawked over and over again as Secretary of State, she signaled to the world that poor women and their children can be murdered for the interests of American business and local dictators.

When Clinton accepted campaign money from private-for-profit prisons that make their money by imprisoning more women and children for longer stretches of time, she signaled to the nation that she prefers authority and private business to freedom.

How about when Clinton stood up and spoke strongly about how gay women should not have the same rights as citizens? Does that sound right? Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has stood for the LGBT community his entire adult life.

These are just a few stories of so many instances of Clinton selling out women while smiling and proclaiming she superficially stands for women's issues.


There is one feminist in this presidential race and her name is Bernie Sanders. I really hope voters will find a way to divorce the candidates genders and their campaign marketing, and instead take the time to understand the issues. In the information age, one would hope good people would use facts to make informed choices.

Hillary is for women in the way I'm a businessman. Sure, I need to sell copies of Hot Metal Tonic to eat, but my primary focus is writing. Hillary needs women to win, but her primary focus is on businessmen, bankers, and the like.

Bernie Sanders has spent his life fighting for women and for all of us. Google him and you'll see. It's not difficult and it can be fun to learn about his positions. He's known as the amendment king in the Congress for ensuring tons of legislation has provisions for regular people, women, everyone. He's great at his job and deserves a promotion.

Let's make him President of the United States.

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