Trump Conspiracy Theory
by Ron Gavalik on September 1st, 2015

Can I float a conspiracy theory? Yeah, I know. Conspiracy theories (or unsupported hypotheses)  are tools of the weak-minded. People who buy into them are easily influenced by wise old Jedi mind tricks while searching for droids. The progressively educated among us are supposed to rise above that nonsense. We pat ourselves on the backs for understanding the difference between personal truth, opinion, conjecture, and fact. With that said, I ask you to hear me out on this one. Even though what I'm about to say has absolutely no supporting evidence, it's still fun to imagine.

Ready for a dose of straight bullshit? Good.

What if Donald Trump is running for president in the Republican primary as his way of contributing to the Hillary Clinton campaign?

Sounds cray-cray, right? Let me explain.

In the past, The Donald has publicly commended and has donated big money to the Clintons. He has also referred to himself as a Democrat. In a political landscape where each serious candidate recruits a billionaire sponsor, is it hard to imagine Trump could be Hillary's secret weapon? After all, Clinton is already raking in the dough from America's most gluttonous banks and polluters. She's set to raise more loot than any Republican as she sells our collective souls (and bodies) to corporations. She doesn't need a few hundred million dollars of Trump's money. But she could use a hit man, a stooge to run the rest of the Republican field into the dirt. Trump's low energy comments on Jeb Bush and his general narcissism have proven to fulfill that need quite well.

If that conjecture doesn't sell you, try this next one on for size. Before Trump got into the primary race, he spoke privately over the phone with Bill Clinton. What they discussed was not recorded or really shared with the public.

It's no secret that most elected officials believe Clinton to be a political mad genius. He knocked off George H. W. Bush (poppy) for the presidency during a rising tide of American conservatism. He then kept that job for two full terms, even with half of the country out to lynch him for getting blow jobs.

Do you really believe it's not possible that Bill could have coordinated with a rich ally who loves the media spotlight? Exactly.

Here's the conversation I imagined:

Bill: Wanna help us out?
Donald: How much will a fake campaign will cost?
Bill: $50 million.
Donald: I see. Spend it on the spectacle.
Bill: *laughs* Right.
Donald: Sure. I'll spin the attention into a TV deal.
Bill: You gotta take out Bush.
Donald: He's so low energy. No problem.
Bill: Thanks, pal.
Donald: Laterz.

Again, this idea is pure, unfounded conspiracy theory, but it's not really sinister from the perspectives of high rollers. These millionaires (Clintons) and billionaires (Trump and the Koch brothers) treat politics like some kind of comedic power struggle. That's because they all know each other. They do business together, hang out in the same vacation spots, and attend weddings together.

I find it all rather disgusting. To these people, it's just a friendly competition - at our expense.

Meanwhile...back at the ranch of reality, Bernie Sanders is out on the campaign trail, cuffs rolled to his elbows, losing his voice, and working his heart out. He's the only one who wants to expand Social Security, you know. He's writing legislation to make college free. He's leading the Fight for $15. He's busting his back to reign in carbon emissions. The man is even fighting with journalists to talk about issues that actually help people.

Hillary Clinton is opposed to lifting the cap on high incomes to keep Social Security solvent. She knows that's the only way fix available. Guess it's just not part of the bankster game. She won't curb pollution. She won't stand up for working people. It's what her employers want, and she is their big money employee.

All of this makes me think: if she can't win our hearts and minds, send in the casino clown to make everyone else look worse.

Ok, enough conspiracy talk.

In the real world, 99 of 100 conspiracies are total bullshit. The cops rarely find the droids they're looking for out in some desert truck stop. Of course, there's always that slim, negligible chance the kid in a parka, driving a broken down jeep has in his possession, the plans to a space station the military has deemed the ultimate power in the universe.

You never really know.
Keep reading.
Keep researching.
Accept nothing at face value.
We'll see how this plays out.

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