A Rest from Clinton Followers
by Ron Gavalik on August 28th, 2015

This weekend, I vow to not argue with any Hillary followers.

In the interest of maintaining sanity, I promise not to use my social media outlets to debate unwitting technocrats, the corporatists who favor the power of money far more than the power of people. These neo-liberals treat progressive values with the same tourist attitude as affluent suburban kids who pretend to be hillbillies at Toby Keith concerts.

To these blind followers, Social Security is an expendable bargaining chip they can't wait to trade for friendlier interest rates on personal loans. Medicaid cuts for the poor go unnoticed in their white hipster bubbles. The sick and disabled are meaningless statistics to be discussed at the tapas bar. Unions are nice, they say, but the selfish will never abandon Saturday afternoon yoga to walk a picket line. The planet's health is nothing more than a talking point. Public schools should be protected, just as long as they never have to send their kids or volunteer.

Hillary Clinton's lapdogs don't care their candidate favors private-for-profit prisons. These corporate sell outs celebrate their candidate's personal wealth, given to her by bank sponsors. They blindly accept her corporate owners, who have contributed millions to her quest for power over our citizens. They dance around her golden visage as she silently plans the demise of Social security. Here's her quote from one of the 2008 debates with the president:

"...I’m certainly against one of Senator Obama’s ideas, which is to lift the cap on the payroll tax, because that would impose additional taxes on people..."

The Democratic apologists who attend Hillary's rallies and will undoubtedly vote for the bank-sponsored candidate are nothing more than political whores who sell their favors for shiny trinkets. To these poseurs of liberalism, all that matters is the complete mutation of progressive values into their twisted form of technocratic greed.

Most of these sellouts tell me "Bernie Sanders can't win." They say, "he doesn't have enough money." While these hateful hogs worship their golden calf of Wall Street, they ridicule the only progressive candidate as a [democratic] socialist. It doesn't matter to these corporate shills that Bernie has selflessly worked for 50 fucking years to ensure civil rights and economic rights. They just sit back and say "he's too liberal," in that sarcastic tone of false superiority.

Those of us who Fight for $15 or volunteer for Bernie try telling these people the post office, libraries, highways, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Compensation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and so many other programs for the people and by the people are in fact, socialist.

Unfortunately, our words too often fall upon deaf ears and limited minds.

As a writer and political activist, I will of course continue the struggle. But this weekend, I need a rest. I've abandoned the four novels that sit on the table next to my bed. My bicycle collects dust as we speak. Good food must be consumed with good friends. A couple of days off will recharge the batteries, so Monday, I can come out swinging.

Perhaps I'll see you along the river trail. If not, I'll see you on the battlefield next week.

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