by Ron Gavalik on July 30th, 2015

The following is a Facebook rant. Last night, some corporatist jerk commented on a lefty article about how schools suffer when corporations don't pay taxes. The guy typed: "If states had reasonable taxes, they wouldn't leave -/they'd come." Yeah, I know. The sentence fragment is tough to read. Anyways... I rarely get into social media debates with strangers. It's a time suck and no one cares. Regardless, I wrote these words late at night, half asleep, after two whiskeys. Don't you judge me! You don't know me!

--------- (Emphasis added for this blog post.) ---------

I never tire of watching people suck big corporate cock. Does the cum taste like freedom? Federal, state, and local taxes (for the most part) are at an all time low. We forget that 50 years ago, taxes were double and in some cases triple today's rates for corporations.

So, what did companies do with all of those wonderful savings? Well, they did build big, giant corporate office parks away from cities, thus making employees drive in ridiculous traffic. They invested money in think tanks to come up with a great new form of lovely CAPITALISM called Profit Maximization. That's when the price of something isn't based on a simple profit margin, but instead based on the maximum profit a company can soak out of a targeted consumer.

The corporate plutocracy also hired lobbyists and bought politicians to write at will or right to work legislation to destroy employment laws, cripple unions, and drive down our wages. Then they used whatever money was left over to move companies to Mexico, Indonesia, China.

Fuck yeah. GREED, baby! RAPACITY! Can you feel the tingle?

That's about 1981 through 1991. Things got a little better in the tech boom for my generation, but don't worry. With the elimination of Net Neutrality we'll be back on track for the destruction of the citizenry.

How did the corporatists get away with this, one may ask?

Well, it's not complicated. We as a people collectively sucked their cocks dry instead of taxing the shit out of their profits abroad. We treated corporate greed as religion instead of an enemy combatant. How does one define an enemy? How about an entity that robs your people of natural resources but doesn't follow through with shilling out the loot (taxes)?

Sounds worse than a terrorist to me.

How do we fix it? We raise their fucking taxes and use the money to build a phenomenal infrastructure, build more schools, guarantee healthcare as a right, ensure Social Security is expanded, support unions to safeguard workplace standards, raise wages, and make sure people generally feel like the world has got their backs.

Guess what happens then? People have money to spend and save and invest. Guess where a lot of people would invest. That's right. They'd invest in new businesses and education driven organizations. You know, social/capitalism, American style.

In the darkness, when we lower wages so everyone scrapes to eat, when we keep the illiteracy rate around 20%, never fill a pothole or fix a bridge, the few wealthiest people get to have ALL of the power. While these power brokers enjoy low taxes and multiple homes, we get to fight amongst ourselves over who deserves food stamps.

Ever get in a fight with anyone who says we can't afford welfare even though we're the richest nation in the history of the world? Yeah, that's their game to keep us down.

Keep sucking them off, corporatists! As I said, you must be getting something out of that juicy corporate semen. I hope it's worth the price of your soul. Correction: our collective souls.


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