White Hatred
by Ron Gavalik on February 10th, 2014

No, the title of this post isn't about racism or civil unrest. It's about the utter frustration we in the Northeast US are experiencing from the cold and the ugly snowmageddon that's been falling for the past several weeks. Enough already!

I know the good people in the Southwest have been experiencing a nasty drout. I'm truly sorry for that as you walk around in shorts and sunglasses. This winter hasn't been fun for anyone. But honestly, Pittsburgh is getting temperatures from single digit to well below zero. That hatred is mixed with falling ice and snow that hurts to look at, let alone walk in. I've almost wrecked my car 20 times since January.

Now, I hate whining about the weather. I live here. I grew up here. I know what to expect. This year, however, the extreme cold really is unusual. Climate change? Global warming? I really don't want to debate the scientific reasons for any of this. But last week when Punxatawney Phil (the groundhog that lives two hours from me) didn't see his shadow, I swore pretty loud in my client's office. I somehow took it seriously. You know, because I'm insane.

The worst part is
we're only halfway through winter.
Bring on the coffee
...and whiskey.

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