Writer's Vacation
by Ron Gavalik on June 30th, 2013

As a professional writer and publisher, I've come to accept the truth that summertime fun doesn't usually include the opportunity to take week-long vacations. But as most of us know, foregoing much needed rest and relaxation only serves to hurt one's productivity and overall creativity.

Last night I held a backyard campfire get-together for a few friends. While we drank whiskey and smoked cigars, hypnotized by the flames in the firepit, a friend asked, "Remember back in college when we went to Ocean City [Maryland]?" We then reminisced about the debauchery we enjoyed over fifteen years ago. After a couple more drinks he said, "We should do it again."

I think he's right. We should do it again. The writing life is full of financial feast and starve moments. Right now, I'm neither cash-rich or dirt-poor. If done within reason, the beach may be a real possibility and blessing. Besides, as I said earlier, we all need to take breaks for our work to truly flourish.

Truth is I'm not much of a beach person, but I do enjoy the serenity that water (in a large form) can deliver to my sometimes weary mind. The thought of taking a break has already corrupted my Sunday and I'm fantasizing about the possibilities of cigars, drink, water, and friends.

But I am a writer, dammit! I just don't see myself leaving the confines of the home office without my typer and a couple of good books. The hotel room will require a desk and comfortable chair. However, I do solemnly swear on my honor to not spend more than a couple of hours a day on any project. I suspect my friends (and possibly a bikini clad girl) will hold me to said promise. Pray for me. -RG

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