Excellence in art is a lifelong pursuit for authors and various artists. Each book or program is evaluated and recommended on the merits of originality, proven success, and industry expertise.

The Best Photography Resources

Photography Master Class is a step-by-step training program to master the complete art of photography. Assembled by an award winning photographer and author, the program walks the student through every facet. Recommended for the expert instruction, multiple endorsements, and ultimate cost savings that come from not paying expensive tutition.
Trick Photography and Special Effects is the second edition of the most succcessful book that teaches novice and expert photographers how to create spellbinding photos, without design experience. Recommended because the first edition raised the art of photography to new levels or imagination. The 2nd edition has proven to push the envelope even further.

The Best Writing Resources

Silencing Your Inner Saboteur is a well-written journey into the writer's mind. Instead of offering mechanics, the author helps writers overcome mental hangups for a better writing life. Recommended for its practical advice that no mainstream how-to books ever seem to cover. If you're having difficulty prying the words onto the page, give this title a try and watch as the story begins to flow.
How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook is a nonfiction writer's turnkey guide to writing and publishing expert advice for target audiences fast. Recommended for its breakdown of modern publishing for subject matter experts. What takes traditional publishers years to develop can now be completed in a full week.

The Best Art Resources

Get Paid to Draw teaches artists how to use their skills to earn solid financial rewards by selling their work. Recommended for its easy to follow steps that walk the artist from creation, targeting sales markets, and then successfully earning a steady income as an artist or photographer.
Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery is the most comprehensive art course outside of traditional universities. The student completes a series of five modules to fully master pencil art in the most challenging realm of portraits. Recommended for its multiple endorsements and superb educational achievements.

The Best Music Resources

Jamorama provides easy-to-follow, expert guitar lessons by 'programming' the student's hands to play the chords for quick mastery. Recommended for the innovative techniques that have won this program nods from top professionals and endorsements from thousands of students.
Piano for All is a comprehensive educational package of videos, audio books, and print materials to teach students the fundamentals and advanced piano lessons. Heralded as one of the easiest and most effective ways to learn piano and keyboard. Recommended for anyone who desires to learn the intricacies of playing the piano.
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